Pei Lu lowered his head to concentrate on drawing, and called 666, “666, tell me quickly, are there any fluctuations in the target mood?”

 666 turned on the detector for two seconds before quickly shutting it off, and answered him indifferently, “No.”

 “Oh,” Pei Lu was a little disappointed. Although he knew that the target would certainly not be so easy to get, but people always have a hint of luck. o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o

It didn’t attract Li Jun’s attention at all. Pei Lu had no choice but to observe him surreptitiously while painting.

Li Jun wore a white shirt and a pair of black slacks underneath, giving him the overall feeling of cleanliness. Because of the heat, two buttons were open on the shirt collar, and the exposed collarbone was very prominent, forming an attractive shallow nest with the shoulder blades. Judging by Pei Lu’s scorching eyes, it was alluring and he wanted to drool over it.

Pei Lu visually estimated that he could be 1.8 meters tall. Compared with a body that exudes strong hormones, Li Jun’s face is much more immature. His face was thin, with slightly longer bangs covering his eyebrows, and only crow-like eyelashes were seen hanging down. The color of his lips was very pale, and they were pressed tightly at this moment.

——This is a guarded look.

“Sigh~ He’s still immature……” Pei Lu expressed regret.

“Aye, aye,” 666 replied slyly, “He’s still too young to be touched. Pedophiles have a minimum of 3 years, dear~”

 “…” Pei Lu shook his hand and knocked the paint beside him to the ground.

Before he got angry, 666 quickly shut up and hung up. Only Pei Lu stared at the overturned paint.

The stool next to him made a soft noise, and Pei Lu looked up and saw Li Jun walking towards him.

Is he coming to help him? Pei Lu raised a smile and politely said: “No need, I can——”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Li Jun stepping across the large, long-legged obstacle without squinting. He stepped over the pile of colorful paint before directly opening the door and going out.

 “……” Fuck!1

Betting on a cucumber2, the moment he stepped over, Pei Lu saw his eyes slanted to his side.

This is an undisguised ridicule! (`へ′)

After he finally cleaned up the studio, he saw Li Qingyi waiting as soon as he left the house.

With a smile on his face, Li Qingyi invited him to the study.

Pei Lu got a goose bump from his laugh, then he muttered in his heart,

“666, what do you say he is looking for me for?”

“Maybe because you look so handsome he wanted to sleep with you?” 666 smiled slyly.


 In the study, Li Qingyi led Pei Lu to a seat and poured him a cup of tea. He cleared his throat before explaining his intentions, “Mr. Xiao Meng, I am very satisfied with you. I don’t know if you are interested, but what do you think of getting this job?”

Pei Lu had black lines on his face. Just what did he do to make Li Qingyi take the initiative to lower his standard.

Perhaps seeing his doubts, Li Qingyi took the initiative to explain, “You are the first person who can stay in the same room with Li Jun for so long.” Of all the several teachers, none of the them I invited have gotten along with Li Jun before. No, it should be that those teachers couldn’t even stay for a short amount of time.

The teacher changed one after another. Li Qingyi didn’t care how the teacher was like in class. He just wanted someone to accompany Li Jun.

Pei Lu lowered his eyes and felt a little empty. Of course he could live peacefully with Li Jun, because neither of them spoken a word.

Next, Li Qingyi told him some of Li Jun’s preferences and taboos. Pei Lu was absent-mindedly uninterested. No one knew Li Jun’s small habits better than him.

Things settled between them.

As long as there was no class at school, Pei Lu would basically stay at Li’s house. In name, he teaches Li Jun, but in fact he is considered as his companion.

Li Jun’s living habits are very fixed. Every morning, he goes to the game room and crouch in front of a nearly completed set of dominoes for a long time.

In the afternoon, he would soak in the studio and at ten o’clock in the evening he would go to bed on time.

He’s a good little boy who couldn’t do any better.

At this moment, the good baby Li Jun is drawing again.

Pei Lu sat not far away, holding his chin, as he watched him draw. Li Jun’s paintings are mostly in dark tones, with various pigments superimposed, making them look depressing and dull.

“What are you painting?” Pei Lu walked behind him, lowered his head and asked softly.

Li Jun continued to paint on the canvas, without even shaking the tip of the brush.

“You are scared,” Pei Lu said firmly.

Li Jun paused. Because he was facing his back, Pei Lu couldn’t see his expression clearly.

The atmosphere turned silent.

Pei Lu’s twitched in a wicked manner and he said, “666, switch off the lights in the studio.” It was already eight o’clock in the evening. When the lights went off, only darkness engulfed the room.

The studio suddenly darkened, only the faint light from outside the window could barely see the outline of the person.

Li Jun still had his back to him, sitting motionless, but Pei Lu could see the stiffness of his body. With a soft sigh, Pei Lu stretched out his hand to rub his head…

Bullying a child like this will still hurt his conscience.

Before he could raise his hand, he suddenly lost his ight.

——He was pushed back on the easel by Li Jun.

Pei Lu’s first reaction was that the clothes he wore would definitely be dirtied. The paint on the easel hasn’t even dried yet!

His second reaction was surprise. Brother, your strength is too great! His wrist became numb from the force.

Li Jun pressed him firmly, his face was so close to him, and the heat he exhaled was sprayed directly on his face. Pei Lu turned his face uncomfortably, “Let go, you are too strong.”

In the darkness, Li Jun’s eyes exuded a faint light, and his body trembled slightly, “You understand.”

I don’t understand, Pei Lu silently retorted. Had it not been for the information given by 666, this genius wouldn’t have known what the muddled painting you drew mean.

“Why don’t you speak?” Li Jun approached him again, and Pei Lu could almost feel the young boy’s straight nose tickling his face!

Damn you, don’t you know this is a sexual harassment?! Pei Lu looked shocked. He didn’t expect this good baby to understand his actions so well.

Without receiving a response, Baby Li Jun was a bit disappointed, so he held his hand tighter again.

Pei Lu:“……” Buddy, that really hurts!

666 took the opportunity to come out to brush up his presence, “Dear~ Do you need my help~”


“Go turn on the lights”

666 wickedly laughed, carrying his order. “Okay, now kiss~”

The pitch-black studio suddenly brightened, and Pei Lu narrowed his eyes uncomfortably. Li Jun still pressed on him, and Pei Lu felt a faint pain on his waist, so he had to ask politely: “Can you let me go?”

After thinking for some time, he added: “I won’t tell anyone.”

Baby Li Jun tilted his head to look at him, his eyes were pure and innocent, like an ignorant little milk dog3.

The little milk dog showed compassion and finally let go of his toy.

Pei Lu regained his freedom, shook his numb wrist, and hammered his waist again, feeling that he was about to be tossed and fell apart.

When the lights came on, Li Jun returned to his harmless appearance. He sat upright in front of his easel, holding a paintbrush and continued painting. The only difference was that his left hand did not hold the palette this time. Instead, he put his hand in his mouth at once, and chewed it. His good-looking brows were burrowed, as if thinking of a difficult answer.

Pei Lu stood by and watched him gnaw his five fingers baldly.

    “……” Hey, don’t tell me this kid is a fool?

“He has an IQ of 200, dear~” 666 reminded him.

Pei Lu made a mocked expression, “200 IQs can’t stop him from chewing on his fingers like a fool.”

666:“……” Cannot refute.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. Pei Lu drew two tissues and pulled out his hand from Baby Li’s mouth and wiped it clean for him carefully. Surprisingly, Li Jun didn’t struggle and obediently stretched out his hand to let Pei Lu wipe him.

The nails that were originally neat were the same as those of a dog, pitted and scratched on the edges. Pei Lu cleaned the protruding nails for him, “Do you have a nail clipper?”


Li Jun hung his head. No one knew what he was thinking.

Even his posture wasn’t proper. Pei Lu didn’t expect him to answer either. He placed a hand on his knee and casually said, “Then let’s cut it tomorrow.”

Looking at his watch, Pei Lu spoke to himself, “It’s nine o’clock, I should get going. Get an early rest, and goodnight.”


He didn’t even need to think about it, Li Jun will naturally not respond. Pei Lu carried the bag, waved his hand and left.

Behind him, Li Jun raised his head, his dark pupils were shining like a child who just found an interesting toy.

“Good night,” he said.


  1. The word used is actually 妈卖批耶 (Mom sells batches) which means “Your mother is a prostitute”.
  2. “Betting on a cucumber”, means to gamble.
  3. Little milk dog, refers to old small, sticky, sweet, sunshine boy.

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